POLICIES & PROCEDURES What you need to know

Recruitment policies

The policy outlined in the ACGME institutional requirements section II-A on residents eligibility and selection is considered.  All residency positions will be filled via the NRMP, and ERAS will be utilized. Any candidate not utilizing NRMP/ERAS will not be considered.

A minimum of 50 applicants will be interviewed. Interview days will be coordinated by the residency program coordinator between October and January each year, with a maximum of 14 candidates receiving interviews per day. 

All applicants will be interviewed by a combination of faculty and residents.  An informal dinner with the residents will be scheduled the night prior to the interview.

Medical Education

Continued Medical Education is granted for attending conferences. Requests are submitted on the same schedule as vacation requests–three four-week rotations in advance. If planning to use CME funds to attend a conference, contact the residency coordinator. To receive approval, submit to the program coordinator a completed Conference Travel Form and information about the conference prior to any arrangements being made. Approval is usually made in a 1-2 week’s time. Unused CME time or funds cannot be carried over into the next academic year.

Please contact the GME office for additional policies.