Frequently Asked Questions

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Is public transportation available?

Yes, Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) has stops at the main streets that surround Sacred Heart’s campus. Go to the ECAT link for more information,, an app is also available for bus tracking. In addition to ECAT, many hotels close to the hospital offer free shuttle service. And, of course, taxis, Uber, and Lyft are always an option!


We do not offer housing for short-term rotations. Many of the hotels in close proximity to the hospital provide a discounted rate. Please contact your Coordinator for more information on the rates, or extended-stay hotels in the area.

Does Sacred Heart have a gym for use?

There are no gyms specifically for associates or students at Sacred Heart, but our campus is located in an area with several gyms nearby. Sacred Heart does, however, offer various group fitness classes at no charge on campus. The Cardiac rehab center has limited “open use” times. This information can be obtained once you begin your rotation or program, as times are varied and subject to change.

Can your office help with travel arrangements?

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with making travel reservations for medical students/visiting Residents. We can, however, provide hotels that offer discounted Sacred Heart rates. We are located less than two miles from Pensacola International Airport, so any of the surrounding hotels that offer shuttle service will usually cover transport to the our facility. For our IM, OB, and Peds residents, each Coordinator can provide more detailed information about housing and the area. The About Pensacola page also provides a link to a trusted Realtor in this area.

Does Sacred Heart's ID come with any funds for food or other expenses while on the rotation?

The ID badge does not provide any funds for food or expenses; it provides accessibility to approved areas during your rotation or residency program. Sacred Heart Hospital has a cafeteria, Wendy’s restaurant, and 24-hour Subway restaurant on-site. For our Program Residents, please see each program-specific page or contact your Coordinator for meal stipend information.

Do you offer rotations for international students?

The only option we have available for international students is an Observership, where the student will learn exclusively by observing a physician preceptor. There is limited availability, and no credit can be offered for this rotation. Please contact the Medical Student Academic Coordinator for more details.

Is Sacred Heart a Tobacco-Free campus?

Yes; there are no exceptions to this rule. Smoking, dipping, vaping, etc. are prohibited on campus.

Are white coats mandatory?

Yes. As a training facility, Sacred Heart is pleased to host various learning levels of individuals.  To help maximize patient safety and experience, we help identify varying levels of responsibility and capability through the white coats: medical students are required to wear short (mid-hip length) coats, while all residents should wear the longer (mid-thigh or knee-length) coats.


Please contact your respective Coordinator – we are here to help!