We provide resident education that will enable our graduates to practice the highest standards of family medicine.



Our program is committed to preparing compassionate physicians who deliver the highest quality, 21st century, patient-centered medicine to communities of greatest need. 

The program provides unique and individualized, community-based, resident physician education, utilizing teaching faculty who are compassionate, holistic, and dedicated to the teaching mission.

Mission Statement

Through commitment to education, scholarship, diversity and inclusion, and safe, high quality community patient care, we will improve the health and well-being of Northwestern FL including our referral area patients and their families with service to pediatric, elder, rural, minority and vulnerable populations by graduating physicians who continue to learn and/or lead in whatever setting they choose for their career.

Program Aims

1. Graduate outstanding physicians who have excellent clinical and communication skills.
2. Graduate physicians who are experts in delivering primary care to the medically underserved.
3. Graduate residents who hold leadership roles in their practicing hospital, national organizations, local or community resources.
4. To have 100% of our residents achieve board certification upon graduation.


Residents will receive a broad experience in family medicine, and have the ability to concentrate their electives on one or two domains, so that they are prepared to attend the fellowship or work in the environment of their choosing upon graduation. The program will place an emphasis on developing the competence to provide high quality outpatient care to a panel of patients. Residents will have several dedicated family medicine clinic rotations in each academic year, when they will learn efficiency, coding & billing, procedures, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), managing a team, quality improvement, promoting health equity, population health, and other health systems management topics. Residents will NOT take in-house call during all three years of training.


Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast:

  • 16 weeks of inpatient adult medicine (includes ICU care)
  • 8 weeks of women’s health (Includes time on the labor deck & outpatient clinic)
  • 4 weeks of emergency medicine
  • 4 weeks of outpatient pediatrics
  • 4 weeks of outpatient musculoskeletal medicine
  • 4 weeks of surgery (includes time in outpatient clinic & operating room)
  • 2 weeks of newborn nursery/NICU

Florida Department of Health (FDOH) in Walton County:

  • 8 weeks of family medicine clinic
  • 2 weeks of behavioral health


Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast:

  • 4 weeks of inpatient adult medicine (includes ICU care)
  • 4 weeks of cardiology
  • 4 weeks of outpatient pediatrics
  • 2 weeks of newborn nursery/NICU

Florida Department of Health (FDOH) in Walton County:

  • 12 weeks of family medicine clinic
  • 2 weeks of health systems management
  • 2 weeks of public health
  • 2 weeks of geriatrics

Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola for 4 weeks in inpatient pediatrics

Ascension Sacred Heart Gulf for 4 weeks in rural medicine

Coastal Skin Surgery & Dermatology for 4 weeks in dermatology

Electives for 6 weeks


Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast:

  • 4 weeks of inpatient adult medicine (includes ICU care)
  • 4 weeks of emergency medicine
  • 4 weeks of musculoskeletal medicine

Florida Department of Health (FDOH) in Walton County:

  • 22 weeks of family medicine clinic
  • 2 weeks of health systems management
  • 2 weeks of geriatrics

Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola for 4 weeks in inpatient pediatrics
Electives for 10 weeks


Provide residents with the skills & knowledge to:

  • Prevent, diagnose, and treat medical conditions spanning the full spectrum of family
  • Commit to lifelong learning and continuous personal and professional development
  • Comprehend the impact of social determinants on health, to mitigate health disparities,
    to care for patients from vulnerable populations, and to recognize the impact of
    public policy on health
  • Lead healthcare teams and utilize community resources to optimize patient care
  • Prioritize, support, and promote quality improvement, and deliver high-value patient
    care that incorporates patient safety principles
  • Actively participate in scholarship during residency and beyond
  • Our

    We partner with the following medical facilities to bring the highest level of care available to our communities:

    • Florida Department of Health
    • Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola
    • Ascension Sacred Heart Gulf
    • Coastal Skin Surgery and Dermatology


    Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast is a full-service, community-based, 76-bed hospital offering 24/7 emergency care. 

    The site has both adult and pediatric emergency rooms and receives support from pediatric specialists at Studer Family Children’s Hospital. Sacred Heart provides specialty care in spine surgery, joint replacement, cardiovascular care, cancer care, breast imaging, and adult and pediatric rehabilitation. The site’s Family Birth Place provides specialized medical care to women with high-risk pregnancies and their babies, including a 10-bed Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).


    The University of Florida Family Medicine Residency Program provides a very competitive benefits package, annual Resident Education Allowance, and many tools, resources and support.

    Annual Salary


    PGY1– $61,548
    PGY2 – $63,607
    PGY3 $65,789

    Insurance Benefits

    • Free health insurance coverage (GatorCare) for employee and family 

    • Supplemental insurance plans (i.e. vision, dental, etc.) at competitive rates

    • $10,000 accidental death and disability (AD&D) insurance for employee -Long term disability insurance for employee 

    • $50,000 group term life insurance for employee 


    per contract year

    • Vacation- 20 days (includes 4 days during the holidays and 1 day for UF homecoming)

    • Sick- 10 days 

    • Parental/Medical- up to 30 consecutive days (6 weeks) 

    Other Financial Benefits

    • Resident Education Allowance- $600/year which may be used for educational purposes including conference expenses, textbooks, journals, etc. 

    • Meals are provided while performing inpatient rotations 

    • State of Florida licensure application fees 

    • Lab coats, scrubs and business cards 

    • Paid AAFP/FAFP membership fees

    Professional Development

    • Up to 5 days


    All residents will be required to complete two scholarly projects prior to graduation. One of these projects must be in the realm of quality improvement. Time and support will be provided for scholarship.

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